Song Files Download

I am a total newbie with BB. I would like to take advantage of all the song files that you guys have posted. Can I get someone to show me step by step on how to use them or download them onto my BB.

If you have not read the user guide yet, now might be a good time to do so as it will set the foundation for your learning how to use the BeatBuddy Manager software (essential to getting and managing the content needed to make the BeatBuddy pedal work. There are also video tutorials available.

I spent all day looking through the manual and every conceivable video tutorial online to no avail. Can you help point me to the right direction or send me the link to the part of the manual or video.


Please take no offense by this question, but it will help me guide you. Is English your native language?


Here is the manual for the BBManager:

After you have created a project from your SD card (part 1), refer to pages 11-12 that cover importing songs (SNG files).

Yes, English is my first language.


Basics first, then.

You have Beat Buddy Manager installed on your computer, and you have established a BB Workspace on your computer. From there, where are you having problems? The basic process is to download the song, unzip the file, if necessary. If a particular drum kit is required or recommended for the song, download that kit, and unzip it. From Beat Buddy Manager, you use File>Import>song to import a .sng file, which is the song. Importing a drum set works the same way, but it’s File>Import>Drum Kit for a .drm file. There are a few collection of songs all put together in folders as .pbf files, and those get imported using File>Import>Folder.

To activate a drum kit, after it is imported you need to find its name in the Drum Sets list in Beat Buddy Manager, and click the box in front of its name.

If you want to work through a specific example, let me know the name of a song that is giving you trouble.

I’m also new. It seems to me that BB is a good idea, but far too complicated to handle vz download etc.

Hi I am also a brand new user, and have tried to download songs from forum, however when I find a song I want to download, there is not a blue link for me to click on, can you help?

The Singular Sound forum server crashed in 2017 and most of the attachments posted up to that date were lost. Some users replaced their attachments that were lost but many others did not. This is probably what you are running into.

I tried removing the posts with missing attachments but I probably missed quite a few.

If you have searched the forum for another version of the song, that might help however, if you don’t find the song, you can try tagging the user that posted the song (that’s now “missing”) and ask them to re-upload it.