Song list Beat Buddy Mini 2

I have a BB Mini 2. When i first got it I could access a list of songs with all the settings. Now all it show me is the bbm and genre’s. Did they change or move things?

Hey there,

Could you send a video of what you mean?

The Mini 2 firmware cannot be changed or edited, we cannot possibly have done anything on our end if you are using the same device as always,

Let us know, thanks!

It appears there is more then one way to access the list. I found another link that shows all the needed info. I think the links changed since i last looked.

What do the words “shuffle and swung” mean after the genre

A shuffle is a type of groove or beat, very common in early rock and in country music (among many other styles).

Swing is a stylistic method common in jazz, blues, funk, and hip hop (among many other styles) and refers to delaying the last 8th note or 16th note of a beat to play slightly off time, creating a sense of "swinging"and giving a different feel to a song, melody, or groove.

Both have similar effects and are based on dividing the beat into triplets (a long downbeat and short upbeat), however swing tends to have a more drastic delay on the 8th note or 16th note upbeat while a shuffle is more “on the beat”