Song list order and volume question

How do I rearrange the songs in the Aeros so they aren’t just alphabetical and is there a way to return to the place that I was at rather than the beginning of the song list? So that I could easy continue to the next song? Also, is there a way to scroll to the next song without returning to the song list? It would be nice to go forward and back that way. It’s inconvenient to have to keep returning to the song list.

Also, the loops that I create tend to be quite a bit louder than the input sounds. How can I correct for that? And, as I add loops, things get louder and louder, is there a way to prevent that. I know I can correct using the volume wheel, which I’ve been doing, but it would be nice to set it up in advance so that I don’t have to.

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You can change the sort to by date instead of alphabetical.

Hello, no this is not currently possible, you can however use MIDI Song Select to open songs on the Aeros with MIDI commands.

We are looking into this, thanks

This is currently being worked on, here is the request

Thanks for the questions

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