Song List question

I have Aeros & MIDI Maestro. So far, I’m still using 2x2 mode. I use Maestro to scroll to a song and select it, then play it/edit it on Aeros. When finished, I exit 2x2 mode on Maestro, then push “Song List” on Maestro. It always returns to song list at top, not to the song I just played/edited/saved. This means I have to scroll all the way down to the song I just played/edited/saved and then scroll to the next song in my set list. Is there a way to return to the song list to the song I just played/edited/saved? That way, it is just one press on the scroll down button on the Maestro and then select to load the next song.
Also – is there a way to change the order of songs in the song list?

Change the song list sorting from alphabetical (ABC) to Date. It’s in the top bar of the song list next to Search.

This may not help you with getting to the next song unless that was used recently.

Sounds like a small feature request could help : Song list scrolls to highlight last song loaded when sorted alphabetically. This already happens when sorted by most recently used.

This would be a nice option whether or not you needed a set list.

You could name your songs alphabetically (e.g. set-1-A-Foo, set-1-B-Bar, …) to organize into a set list.

Thanks. Good strategy for arranging songs in the order you want to play them.