Song lists for the mini?

I seen plenty of song lists and forums for the beatbuddy, but very limited for the mini. Are there any song lists for the mini out there? Genre, song, BPM… or is it just trial and error? Also, I dont suppose there is any way the song lists people are posting for the BB match up to the mini in some respect?

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I had the BB mini until recently, returning it to buy the bigger one. I’d say it’s just just trial and error since they are more or less stock, generic beats on the mini. That’s not a bad thing necessarily, pretty much like any drum machine presets (much like the bigger Beatbuddy’s stock beats), but with more control with both BB’s compared to “any drum machine” since the Beatbuddy is built around a footswitch format.

You’d have to match up song lists figuring out the same matching time signature and a tempo adjustment doing the fill-ins with the footswitch yourself. So like you said, “trial and error”. It would be nice if someone DID make a list on what beats work where. I also think the bigger BB has all the mini beats included in it’s larger preset selection.

FYI, I posted a table at the below link earlier this week. It’s work-in-progress, and I’m looking for suggestions to improve it.

if your still on here can you repost the pdf on this forum i cant link to the old one. thanks

I just posted one for the mini 2, not sure if they are 100% the same but heres the link, message me if you have any to add or better suggestions


Thank You