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I don’t think they’ve done a good job on keeping this up to date, and I don’t think they’ve given any thought to searching the forum and linking user content. So, yeah, it’s a marketing tool, and a crappy one at that. It’s kinda like their promise to have an app for the Maestro, have the the Aeros working to promised user expectations, and to update and improve BB Manager to meet user needs and requests.

@bandyman If you read Strugnell’s comments above, you’ll see he submitted a list of songs and beats to Singular, and those were never added to the list. They also never added OP songs to this list after users created them. Thus, it appears they have no desire to enlarge this list, except to the extent that new Premium beats get added. Over the years, there have been a couple submissions of beats by users, recommending uses of the built in beats. These lists seem to get appreciated by users who look at them, but the songmatcher tool does not grow. Obviously it would take some amount of work to now find those posts and then revise the list. This sounds like a great project for an intern.

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I has picked out some of the songs and tried the beats suggested only to find there are way too many songs on there with beats that don’t match the songs. the tempo may be correct but the genre surely isn’t.

I have attached a list from my files in excel format and if the genre suits you i’m sure someone will find a beat on there to match to what your looking for
.Wayne’s (35.1 KB)

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