Song matcher

Could we have a pinned thread about the song matcher tool please, including how to use it, how to submit matches and request matches? Thanks

Also might be good if user generated content was on it too, linking to the relevant post on the forum.

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Agree. “We’ve added 550+ songs so far”… it says. How do I view these 550+ songs and their recommended settings/beats/etc?

Thanks, Phil. Perhaps it is me, but I cannot get anything to pull/run. I have entered a song title and band names, but nothing happens nor runs. I have hit ENTER and clicked on everything, but to no avail. I feel like a simpleton, but what am I missing or not doing. THX!

Just start entering the artist or song title and it displays what matches within what is in the list. At least it works for me this way. What are you entering it on, PC, tablet, other?
Started entering ‘bea’ as show below

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Thank you, Mark. I am using a PC. I get nothing. Might be my Norton security causing the issue although I never have this issue elsewhere. It worked for me on the previous forum in the short time I was there. I like these things not only for ease (less thinking to get the right beat), but it gives me more leads for songs to learn on the guitar. Appreciate the time and assistance,

Would it be possible to allow a downloadable version of this file. This is an awesome tool. Maybe include it with the monthly subscription download?

Just a thought…

When you first load the tool, there should be a list of songs, artists and the beat to use. Do you see that? And when you type in the box it simply reduces the list to match what you’ve typed.

  1. You can download the Song Matching Tool as a pdf.
  2. In Safari, File > Save as PDF . . .
  3. Although you won’t be able to use the built-in Find Your Song capability, you can use ⌘-F (CMD-F) to search the pdf for the song you’re interested in.
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I get the same issue on my work PC. Home and work… no list of songs. It just doesn’t like me.

EDIT: Make sure Javascript is enabled in your browser and it should display correctly—I just tested this and when Javascript is not enabled, it only gets the partial screen as in the post above.

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I’ve taken the time and effort in the past to suggest song to beat matches but none have ever been listed, I’ve sent one today…to see if there’s a reaction.

Hi. I’ve had the same experience after listing and sorting all the songs/beats in my current playlist. I’m unimpressed with the result and the answers in my following email.

Did I dream that I received an email pointing me to the tool and asking for suggestions? So far it’s been a total waste of my time!


It’s a shame, It’s been a week, no reaction from singular sound, their loss, my wasted time!

If you submitted on or after the 24th, your submission has not been reviewed yet – but is going to be reviewed soon. We don’t have someone doing this full time, but we are looking at every single submission.

I’m sorry you’re feeling like this; I checked the list and your submission is next. Now, you can either buy it or not, but if the song is a match (likely, most of the submitted settings are accurate) you’ll see it on by Tomorrow.

We’re still tightening the process for this tool – not just checking the settings, but getting back to people whether they match or not. I am sorry the immaturity of the process has hit you like this – it’s not personal, it’s not intentional, and it’s not how we want you to feel. Specially since your time is not wasted: it’s very appreciated that you submitted the settings; IMHO we could do with more Country songs in that list :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone; I’m opening an issue about the page not loading properly for people without JavaScript enabled. I will create a ticket to make a usable version, even if it won’t feel as snappy. I genuinely didn’t expect anyone to have JavaScript turned off, although in an office setting like @jefgil6’s case it makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for all the love – I’m grateful you’ve gone to the page and used it or tried to use it, and have given us feedback.

@Heavy_Duty I will create a ticket with that suggestion; it’s interesting because the updates’ frequency means you’d have a reasonably up to date list of songs.


Well I hope you are sincere, it’s been a long time in existence the song matching tool, seeing as all my suggestions were rejected about 2yrs ago forgive me for thinking that no one listened to them. I’m sure a large library of matching beats will be very useful, and may even sell a few machines for you, but your going to have to convince me… after all there is no gain for me except the satisfaction of sharing what I ‘ve discovered works on this machine. Hoping your new procedure works.

A suggestion for the Song Matching Tool, it would help me if the had a “date added” column. That way we could see what is new on the site.



Hi all,

May be a dumb question but I am new :slight_smile:

So far I saw 2 dead links to a sound matcher tool (manual) 1 google doc one in read only and this Song matcher.

Is the song matcher the now up-to-date central source where we all contribute? Does it contain all the other sources? Or are there other databases which I didn’t see yet?

How can I contribute?

Thanks all !

P.S. this one looks far more marketing. No links to user content and every second song is premium only. Does this exclude user content?