Song Matching for a church service

Does anyone have sng files or matching beats for Christmas Offering, Living Hope, and God With Us? I’m short a drummer and I was given this set list last minute. Thanks, it would be hugely helpful! And here are youtube links to the songs:

I can work this one up in the one-press variants (which would include the drums).

The drums begin on the 17th bar for this particular MIDI source file.

Tough to find MIDI source files for the other two songs you’ve requested. If you can come up with the source files, I’ll work them up.

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that’s awesome!! I’ll probably just try to match up to an existing beat for the other 2 just to have something. Do you have any thoughts of good beats to use for the other 2?

This will at least get you in headed in the right direction:

For Christmas Offering BPM between 136 and 144 using Ballad beat 2a - straight 8 feel hats + rim

For Living Hope BPM 143 using Ballad beat 3c - straight 8 feel ride + snare

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You are the best! Thanks so much.

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Here’s the drums in one-press format. Strum the guitar through the first 18 bars and that’s when you would start the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal to play the song. I think the vocals begin just before the 9th bar.

God_With_Us_v1.sng (9.0 KB)

I could not find a MIDI source file for the Torwalts—this one is from MercyMe.