Song matching help 8ths 16ths?

Hi all

Stupid question but ive just bought my beatbuddy and when i went on to the song matching tool, i came across some songs that would say “pop 10 8ths” what does the 8ths mean?

1/8th notes. There are 8 of them in a 4 beat measure. Also known as a quaver in British musical terminology.

So do i need to do anything on the beatbuddy for this or is it all done already?

Nothing to do…it is giving you a description of the beat. It usually refers to the hi-hat or ride cymbal. So it is tempo independent. As Phil mentioned 8th is 8 per measure, 16th is 16 per measure assuming 4/4 time.

So if you were to count 1…2…3…4 like a count in for a song there would either be 2 per count or 4. If you compare some of the 8th versus 16th beats it should become self evident.