Song matching tool - default library

Tried to use this tool to find beats for songs but having issues. For example, Search for Roy Orbison , playable in Beat Buddy. Several songs get listed but take for example, California Blue. Beat shows “Beat-Buddy: Pop-Rock Str8” in the default library.

My issue is that “Pop-Rock Str8” doesn’t appear to be in the default library. I have a folder for “Pop” and a folder for “Rock” but nothing for “Pop-Rock”.

Can anyone tell me where to find these Pop-Rock beats in the default library as I have looked thru every song folder in BB Manager and can’t find them.

There are no Pop-Rock genres. JMO but what the user posted was probably intended to mean that you could find that Str8 beat in either the Pop or the Rock genres. For example:

Pop 6, 8, 9, 10 or 12 all have Main Drum Loops using some variation of straight eighth

I can’t find any use of the straight eights in the Rock genre so you might just want to stick with the Pop genre.

When that suggestion was originally posted, it was most likely based on the Default Content 1.2 or 2.0. The latest Default Content version is now 2.1