Song matching tool in Beatbuddy default Library


How do I have to read the song matching tool?
I found the song

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You Elvis Presley Beat Buddy: Wonderful World 98 Default Library Ballad

And I was expecting the Default Library on the Beatbuddy, but how do I find the right beat now?
I have several ballad drum kit on the Beatbuddy.

I think it uses one of the ballad genre beats from the default content at 98 BPM. You can use any drum set—the ballad songs IIRC, use the Standard drum set.

Oké, thanks!!

Would you be able to tell me if there’s a drum beat on here for the hand williams jr song FAMILY TRADITION?

I don’t see it listed on either


If you’d like, start a new thread and post it as a song request and I’ll try to work on it next week.

Otherwise, you can dig through some of the Country Genre and find one that suits you at a BPM of 127.

Right now i’m using Country1-127. I can get by with it however, something isn’t right as something seems to be missing. thanks anyhow for the info and your time.

Why isnt this song matching tool put in alphabetical order? This is ridiculous and time consuming to have to look thru 1800 songs to try and find one.

There are probably many other things that could be done as well such as keeping it current.

That said, couldn’t you use Find or Search to narrow down what you’re looking for? A couple of screen shots to illustrate my suggestion:

This post made me realize… if Positive Grid was serious about making money and staying in business… they would have the ability to have their pc/Mac program analyze a song and suggest a drum pattern to use.

(Kind of like how Digitech Trio works. Only much easier to develop since it would be on a PC/Mac and not need to be on the actual device. But this is unlikely to ever happen.)

and and another thing could be cool, is when new songs appears , they were listed so people can see whats new added

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