Song Midis

When you guys who are creating One Press files often talk about starting with a midi file. Where do you guys find these files? I’d like to take a stab at being able to create these myself. I’ve gotten decently good with editing MIDI in GarageBand. Where do you find suitable midi files to start with? Has anyone created a basic guide?

You can do an online search e.g., midi proud mary and if there’s a specific artist, you can add the name to the search.

Look up the song bpm and key with a search bpm proud mary to give you a general idea of whether or not the MIDI source file is in the ballpark when you preview it in GB.

Sometimes it takes sifting thru several files to find something you’ll want to use.

You can subscribe to Ultimate Guitar or other for-fee sites. When all else fails, you can also buy from a commercial site. Expensive and there’s no guarantee that the midi will be any good.

You can also join for free and access their library of free .mid and .kar files.

I prefer to use Free Midi.