Song name change/HOW

Ive read the manual & watch several tutorial videos Any1 know how to change the name of a beat? Theres one called ROCK 8 I think & want to change it to BlkcrwsHardtohandle just so I know what beat it is but dont know how.

In BB Manager, where the song is created/changed, there is a column called Title. Under that is the song number, and under that the song name. You can click on the name and change it.

Ok cool. Thanx Aashideacon

I demonstrated this in my tutorial videos, however as they were for 1.32 I decided to remove those but one of the other ones for 1.33 I have kept in my signature.

The info was also mentioned right at the end of the software manual both in the help section of the software and in the thread, but personally I prefer watching videos to reading :slight_smile:

So the info is there and I would always recommend reading and watching the tutorial videos before playing around with the software as that is where the issues arise. The first version of the software was quite simple in the way it worked although not intuitive. The newer versions are trying to be more intuitive but they still have the very simple backend and making lots of additions to make it better and better. The manuals and videos are there to help - once you get the hang of it it is quite simple, I hope you get there in the end.