Song Not Starting Properly

I’m not sure what’s up with a particular song and my beatbuddy. I’ve had it for about 2 months and overall I am loving it!! I always build my own songs with BeatBuddy Manager, and put them in a separate folder in the project and rename the songs what I want them to be. This week, during a rehearsal and live set, I had an issue I couldn’t resolve.

I had copied the song “Rock 1” and imported it in my folder and renamed the song. Then I switched the order of part 1 and 2 (so that part 2 was first). I also changed tempo to 120bpm. Otherwise, I didn’t edit anything (which makes it one of the most minor changes of any song I do). When I played the song before it, and then switched to that song, and then kicked the pedal for the intro, most elements of the drum were missing. When it went into the main beat, each instrument would come on one measure at a time (so it was a slow build to a full kit). If I were to stop the song, and start it over, everything played like normal (full kit in the intro and right from the start of the main beat). Pausing the song, and then un-pausing did NOT kick on the full set. Everything else worked fine, all of my other songs, etc.

I tried to resync the SD card. I tried to delete the song, and then add it back in and resync. I tried to export Rock 1 again, and import it back and change the order and then resync. No matter what I did, I kept get the slow building effect on the song, and couldn’t get it to start with a full kit. I would note that it played perfectly fine in BeatBuddy Manager, just not on the actual pedal. I also tried changing the kit from rock to standard, since the song before that was on standard kit and I thought maybe it was taking it too long to “load” the rock kit between songs. I’m at a loss for how to fix that particular song.

Could having a folder with too many songs create an issue? I have about 25 (and growing) songs in the folder I play out of usually… I typically just make my set list for the day the bottom 3-5 songs as that’s about how many I play at a time… and then just put everything back in alphabetical order at the end.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Also… just as an FYI… I still have about 2.85GB of free space on the SD card, so I don’t think space on the SD card is an issue.

Sometimes when a song uses a different drum kit, it might take a second or two for the kit and song to load
Max # of songs per folder = 99
Max # of folders per project = 99
You have plenty of space on your SD card
What did you name the song you’re having problems with and could you zip and upload it to this thread?

The forum says the zip file is too large (1.45MB) with the song. Literally the steps I did were:

  1. Export song - “Rock 1”
  2. Import song into new folder
  3. Rename song - “Blessed Be Your Name”
  4. Change tempo to “120bpm”
  5. click the arrow to move part 2 before part 1
  6. Save Project
  7. Sync SD

Thanks for the other info and trying to help!

If you’re not using firmware 2.0.4, you might want to see if this makes a difference. It’s what I’m using it to try and replicate your issue.

Assuming that you might not have the latest drum kits updated on your SD card (although this probably won’t make a difference with your particular issue): when the library access is restored, you might want to download the Default BeatBuddy Content Update and replace the contents of your SD card to update the drum kits to the 1.1 version.

I’ve just tested the song following your steps and it sounds fine. As an aside, there are 3 drum instruments in Main loop 1
and 4 in Main Loop 2