Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)

This was created by mixing and matching standard BB beats. It has 7 parts with 1 pause for half a chorus. I’m not settled on the fills I chose but they work okay. A couple have a little to much dead space for my taste for where they usually end up in the song. Call it a “Fully-usable-mostly-finished-work-in-progress”. :slight_smile: Oh yeah, and it’s fun too.

Heaven Come Down.sng
(had to put on Dropbox due to size)

Intro is 2 bars of BD and HH
Part 1 - Intro
Part 2 - Verse
Part 3 - Chorus1 & Vamp before next verse
Part 4 - Verse
Part 5 - Chorus1 & 2
Part 6 - Bridge - pause at the end of the bridge for the first half of the chorus1, unpause at that point, transition at the end of chorus
Part 7 - Repeat of Chorus1, Chorus2
We Outro at final “Heaven come down”