Song Pack for Popular Female Artists

I’m not sure how much consideration these threads get on the grand scheme of things, but I know I can’t be the only female who uses one of these! I play 4-6 nights a week and the BB has become an large part of the selling point as I am a solo artist but can sound like a full band with the BB and my looper, etc.
I am able to make my own beats, but it takes me a bit of time due to the fact I’m not a drummer and I am a perfectionist lol
I would love it if there was a song pack that was created and sold that specifically focused on popular female artists, such as Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac, Halestorm, ZZ Ward, Pink, Lady Gaga, etc.
I think it would also be helpful to do a song pack for various country music artists as well.
If something like this ever becomes available, PLEASE let me know!

Let’s see if @GoranGrooves has anything in the pipeline. Meanwhile you might want to come up with a list of songs and artists that you’d like (in case Goran reaches out to you via PM.

If by chance you’d like them in a one-press (OP) format, that’s something that can be done as well by forum members (provided MIDI source files are available). If you’d like a custom playlist, feel free to contact me via Conversation.

My apreciated Marie, I have a Kit of Lady Gaga maded by me, so you can check it here in the resources page, its very responsive even with a electronic piezo drum (a yamaha or roland trigger), even you can use it with keisha or perry songs