Song parts advance automatically

This seems obvious enough to have been requested before, but I wasn’t sure how to search for it.

I’d like for a song to be able to advance automatically through its parts without any pedal presses after the initial one.

I initially assumed the way to do with was to just give it a full song in midi form (I already have all my songs’ drums in midi), but there’s a size limit for midi clips.

I could probably just break the song in half and have two parts, but that will still require hitting the pedal at times.

Would it be possible to turn off ‘repeats’ for a clip if I only want it to play once and advance (the way the intro clip currently works)?

I love Love LOVE this thing for jamming and more free-form music, but when I want to have my songs totally locked down, there’s no need for pedal pressing.


PS - Seriously sorry if this is a repeat. I know that’s annoying.

If you search my post history, there’s like a ton of repeats. So one more won’t hurt :slight_smile:

What you want to have - is something like a Playback Mode. You preset what number of bars you want each song part to play for, then just start your pedal and it plays all the song from intro to outro without you even touching it again.

Now, we stop dreaming and get back to reality. There is no such mode available as of currently. But I can see how cool it would be to have one. I recall I already suggested this very mode to David. Currently, the team has much more important tasks to fix, though. Releasing Mac version is one of them.

I’d like it if the next main loop played automatically. I don’t care where in the song it happens, 8 bars, 12 bars. I’m building longer loops with very subtle variations.