Song Parts are not Changing

Hello. I’m in the 6x6 mode and hitting the “next part” switch and the circle changes but it
doesn’t change parts. What’s going on here?

Waiting for end of loop?

The loop keeps looping. It works if I hit “Select Part” and then “Next track”. It also starts to record though but since I won’t be hooked up to my guitar (It’s pre recording my bass parts) I guess that’s ok?

Are you in 6x6 or 2x2. One has Select Part and the other has Next Part.

If you’re in 6x6, you also need to press “Record”.

Hey there, yes, you must make the Aeros switch parts manually after selecting one, this is to give you the ability to toggle between parts before switching. We have also gotten requests for an auto-next part like in 2x2, but that is not currently a high priority fix.

You can further improve this by making use of MIDI, this will be possible once we make the next Wifi release which is imminent. The beta is up, but is not yet perfect, a new beta will be up soon that includes the MIDI implementation.