Song Purchased From SS Works in native folder, but not when moved

I purchased all 6 popular song packages and loaded them into the BB software. I didn’t test all, but the ones I tested seemed to work. I moved some from the original folders to a folder for my duo. I didn’t test all, but some worked. However, Rolling In The Deep - Adele did not work after moving it from one folder to another. the software seemed to be looking for the original .sng file on my computer (per the error message). I reinstalled the whole pack (folder) and it worked again in the original folder. Moved it into my duo folder and it no longer worked.

What’s the issue?


I’m curious too. Did you save your Project after you moved the songs? I’m assuming you made all of the moves within the BBM Project Explorer. Which version of the BBM were you using?

Try Exporting the song to your desktop and then importing to a different folder and tell us what that does.

I did save the project after. All moved were made in the software (would be nice to move multiple songs at once). Using BBM 1.5.01 for Mac. I’ll try that your suggestion later. Getting ready for rehearsal.