song request for manu chao - clandestino/+me gustas tu

hi everyone if someone can help mefor those 2 songs i’ll be vry happy thank’s

I’ve pulled down some midi source files that seem to be pretty good. Will update this weekend.

thank’s i tried beds are burning and it’s really veryvery good,but just a question YOUR drumkit is modsuperbassG Is it the same than superbassG or another one ? I hope you have the answer ? have a good day thank’s again

Hi, didier. “mod” and “NP” are the same thing. If you don’t have the NP SuperBassG kit, you can download it from the forum
Look for the SUPERBASSG dropbox link

thank’s again lool !!!

As requested. These songs have pretty simple drum beats. BTW, the lyrics on Me Gustas Tú crack me up.

Thank’s effectivly the beat is cheap lool!