Song request - natural woman


Does anyone have a song file for You make me feel like a natural woman?

Thanks in advance

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Carole King or Aretha version?

any version really. i can adapt to whichever i get

thank you for your reply

I’ll see if I can come up with a decent source file.

ahh thats great.

thank you very much

I’ve had a MIDI file for a few years, with the whole orchestra version (Aretha’s version. C.King’s doesn’t have drums) I just listened to it and sounds quite good. Do you just need the drum part?


Ahh that’s great. Erm yeah j think so. I’m in a duo and we use the BB and I play acoustic guitar as well. Anytime I have tried to open a file that has any other orchestration…it doesn’t play. So if you just have the drums, that would be perfect

I asked because many people also want the bass line but I don’t know how to make a BB song with the bass as well.
Ok. I already made a one-click BB song with just the drum part, how can I send it to you?

Oh that’s great. That’s all I need.

Ermm email?

Thank you so much

You’re welcome, I hope it works for you.
I’ll send it in a tic :smiley:

Try BLUES - 7 <93 bpm>