Song Request: Spill the Wine by War

Such a fun song and great beat - can’t believe this hasn’t been posted. Thanks in advance!

Always wanted to work this one up but could never find a MIDI source file.

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I have a pretty decent sng for this song. But I had to pay for the midi file because, like persist, i couldn’t find a free version. But it was only $7.99 and translated over pretty well. For the drumkit I used 2082 Hammond with bass 84 + c1. I don’t feel like I can ethically share it since it was a commercial midi. If it was a free source I’d have it here right now. I’m just sharing this post so people know that there are good options for about the price of a six-pack of beer if you can’t find a free midi and don’t mind paying the cost for a song you really want. That said, there is a learning curve to learn how to convert it and Persist will likely do a better job of the conversion anyway!


I would gladly transcribe from a commercial source file if anyone would like to PM me with a zipped commercial MIDI source file. As in all my other song uploads, I do not include the commercially sourced file if I used it to work up the song.

Is this a quality source for midi files?

I’m happy to buy it and leverage your skills in moving it to the BB format


Before you buy, keep in mind that the song is worked up in one-press formats (which means they start to play with a single tap and end with a double-tap) and usually in 3 different versions.

  • DOP (drums one-press)
  • OPB (one-press with bass)
  • OPBk (all the above with keys)

So it won’t be in the multi-part BeatBuddy (BB) format and if this isn’t what you need or expect, it’s okay.

Are you wanting just the drums (DOP) or, do you want a particular key for the OPB or OPBk versions?

You can preview what the MIDI file sounds like at several different sites and Hit-Trax is pretty good but expensive if you’re just buying a single song

Of the two sites, you might like the sound of this MIDI preview better, but that’s pretty subjective