Song Requests

David Gray Babylon
Pink Floyd Mother,Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb
The Pogues Sally MacLennane
Paul Simon Slip Sliding Away,Late In The Evening
The Who Squeeze Box
Travis Tritt T-R-O-U-B-L-E & Southbound Train, Country Club,Great Day To Be Alive
Bill Withers Use Me

I’m Having trouble getting these one. If anyone has suggestions on beats let me know thanks

Just posted comfortably numb about a couple of days ago in my thread here

Here’s Late In The Evening

Anyone got any suggestions for Mother?
I have the Pink Floyd collection but they didn’t include that one… :frowning:

The problem with Mother is that the song is basically acoustic guitar, mostly unaccompanied, for the first approximately two minutes, where the first hints of bass show up. Then you go to 2:54 until the drums come in. How would you propose arranging that for Beat Buddy? I’m open to ideas, but short of just a really annoying click track or a tambourine hit, which also gets kind of monotonous, IDK what one would do up to the 2:54 mark. Also, and I didn’t look real hard, but the only midi I found was a solo piano piece, so that kinda makes matters worse. My suggestion is to do it with acoustic guitar, and if you want some kind of drum at 2:54, have the pedal set with an accent kick drum that you can just trigger at will as you tap your foot. Not trying to be a jerk, but I don’t how I’d translate Beethoven’s 9th to Beat Buddy, either. Ode to Joy, maybe, but not everything that leads up to it. That’s the kind of dilemma that Mother presents. But it would be a challenge…

Hmmm… very good points…
I hadn’t thought much about all the lack of drums because I had been mainly playing the part of the song around the solo…
I usually just loop the background chords and play the solo over them…
I guess the only real option would be to load the song, play an accent now and then until the drums finally come in and have it be one of those songs where the intro is the same as the first main beat and it flows right into it. I agree that songs with a subtle click or light cymbal here and there are tricky to follow… I’ll have to go have a listen and think about a good solution…