Song search: L'ame Immortelle - Nur Du

Hello all.
I use the BeatBuddy II with the standard drums and have a question:
Somehow I don’t get along with the creation of midi files at all and in the whole internet there are also no midifiles to a song, which we also play with our band.
I am looking for a suitable drum pattern for the following song (L’ame Immortelle - Nur Du)

I hope I can post the Youtube link here and maybe someone can help me with a tip, that would be very nice.
Thanks very much in advance

Translated with (free version)

Try the rock2 at 141 bpm. just find some fills in the other rock songs (like those in rock 9) to suit the fills of the song and combine these to a new song just by adding and replacing the fills


Hello renevmind
Thank you for your message.
I will try this out, maybe I will be helped.
Have a nice evening.
Greetings from Germany