Song selection with the wheel

When I want to select a song it always starts from A to Z going down the wheel, and I have to scroll all the way to a song that starts with S for example, possible that the selection of the wheel also goes to the other way “up”? Z to A? Am I clear? :wink:

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It sounds like Reverse Alphabetical is what you’re asking for, but it’s not supported.

You can also sort by most recent if that helps.

Not really, the selection always starts on A, except the wheel is blocked upwards, when I am on Z the wheel is blocked downwards, but the intermediate letters go in both directions. The wheel in principle should be an endless selection. When I’m on A I should be able to go directly to Z by scrolling up… or if I’m on Z go directly to A by scrolling down, is that clearer? :joy:

I think what you are looking for is called “wrap around” which is not an option today.

You might consider changing the title of this request to “Song selection with the scroll wheel wraparound”.

Ok I changed the title. I think it’s a very practical option when you have Xxx songs in a folder and not very difficult to program.

It’s ridiculous that wrap-selection (carrying on downwards from Z to A) is not available, when it’s been available on the primitive-by-comparison BeatBuddy from day one. It’s a real nuisance!

I have about 400 songs, which i organize with an iPad App. But for the case this doesnt work, i sorted them in folders from A-Z on the beatbuddy. So manual searching/scrolling goes a lot faster.

I agree, I have more than 100 songs per folder and when I look for a song I have to go from A to T for example it’s very long and tedious, I have to scroll everything down to T… selection by name is not practical.
With the BB I can go in one direction or the other and it’s much faster to select songs.