Song Sheet Apps and Midi Control

What Song Sheet App, that has midi control, do you use to connect to your BeadBuddy during Live Performance.

If you select OTHER, please add the name of the App in the comments and I will add it to the Poll. I will let you know so you can change your vote.

  • OpenSongApp
  • OnSong
  • Other

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Please define “other”. Looking for the best Android app for this function.

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@b0n3 , That will be helpful. I added that request to the poll as well.

@b0n3 , I use OpenSongApp as it has great features for songs and Chord charts. The Midi is not extensive, but extremely helpful. I have set it so that when I select a song in the App, it sends the track/song number to the BeatBuddy and sets the tempo. (I use the Midi Maestro for moving between parts)

Camelot Pro

It’s got the ability to display a PDF or .PNG score, and has extensive and very cleverly designed set/scene/song structure.

Camelot Pro has “smart maps” for many common hardware devices like keyboards and pedals. It already knows how to interface to any gear thus integrated. You can develop your own custom maps for any gear not supported (PC’s, CC’s, Sysex and the like).

Camelot Pro supports remote control from pedals and virtually anything else connected to your midi environment. You could, for example, say that a given control on a keyboard will start a song or move to the next scene or song.

Camelot Pro loads VST’s/Auv3’s (platform/dependent). It is a cross-platform application supporting iPad, Mac and Windows.

I’d try with MobileSheetsPro, if you want the sheet music in your device, too. But I haven’t tested any MIDI connection with my Android tablet yet.

I would try BandHelper or SetListMaker

setlist maker

For score and buy a Bluetooth midi dongle , amazing possibilities from an iPad !

Onsong. I made myself a script to generate an onsong file for each song in the beatbuddy. The onsong file includes the midi code for the beatbuddy as wel as my guitarFX and Mididesigner (ipad app) so when I select a song in onsong all switches to the right song/fx bank/page.


2 votes SetListMaker, 1 vote OpenSongApp, 1 vote BandHelper, 1 vote ForScore, and 1 vote MobileSheetsPro.

@Aliby could you please add SetListMaker, BandHelper, ForScore, and MobileSheetsPro to the poll?

I wish there was a better way to separate the iOS from the Android apps in the poll, but some support both.

Looks like SetListMaker and BandHelper are for iOS as well as Android. OpenSongApp and MobileSheetsPro are Android exclusive. ForScore is for iOS.

After seeing @Voodoo 's slick UI, I’m thinking seriously of replacing my Android and buying an iPad.

I very much appreciate the response to this poll, and am looking forward to seeing more. All of you, please post screenshots of your UI when you vote if possible. I am easily swayed…

OnSong is excellent. It allows the use of the metronome to send tempo so you can change it easily and send BB song info. However Forscore is a more reliable app for bands who use the same charts. The leader can control the page turns for everyone. While OnSong claims to do this it’s not dependable, freezes, locks up etc when trying to beam or control other members. OnSong can read any pdf but if you input the chart using their format it allows you to transpose on the fly. Great tool. I use both apps.

SongbookPlus, if you want ease in setup. No windows to go thru to setup each song…simple, simple…Simple App…others tend to require training and more midi skills. The midi wheels is all you need to set on each sound folder…if you are like me, spend more time playing then learning and programming, this will be your best bet…been using it well before BeatBuddy and is on the site as recommended for almost ten years…

Take 2

  • OpenSongApp
  • OnSong
  • SetListMaker
  • BandHelper
  • ForScore
  • MobileSheetsPro
  • SongBookPlus
  • Other

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If you select OTHER, please add the name of the App in the comments and I will add it to the final Poll.

First poll closed (you cannot edit a current poll)
Revised Poll started with all noted apps listed.

Just switched to ForScore (iOS and OSX) from OnSong, can embed both audio and midi control per song sheet. OnSong has more features, but I wanted to simplify key issues and most of my sheet editing is external in word processing then converted to pdf which ForScore handles well. Synchronising across multiple devices aids keeping backup solutions available with no additional work.


Camelot Pro

2 votes Camelot Pro for iOS and Windows

SongBook on Android. Works great also has a Windows editor.