song source

could someone please tell me where to find somewhere i can find drum beats to particular songs. i was referred to resources at one time and there were lots of songs but when i uploaded them and opened them they were either not there at all or so incomplete they weren’t usable. is there some trick I’m missing where I’m opening the wrong files i don’t know.the songs i buy from library are great and ready to go but obviously very limited number to chose from. somebody tell me the secret please . thanx charlie

Once you get an idea of what the different types of songs are, it might help you to understand the BeatBuddy system a little better. Start by learning what the acronyms mean from

If you are interested in just drum beats, there are many that have been created by users however, the majority of the user-created content includes bass guitar (and other instruments such as keyboard, strings and horns) in a one-press format. Although the OPB songs can be played using the drum sets that come with the pedal, usually they will sound better and more complete if you use the drum set that the song was designed to use. This means you will have to download, import and activate the drum set for the song. You can find the drum sets in Resources/Drum Kits.

If you just want only the drums (not the OPB, etc), then I suggest perusing the default beats until you find one that fits. Then change the tempo and the drumset as needed. Then save the song using the name that you want.

Note that you’ll need to use the software to do this as the device does not have the capability to do Save As.