Song term and misc

Hey guys…
I’ve finally have gotten time to circle back to use my beat buddy. I bought mine on the pre release, and currently have updated the firmware and added new songs to the AD card. I also put the Vintage Ludwig set as well.
If some more of you seasoned users wouldn’t mind bringing this noob (so to speak) up to date. I kinda got some of the terminology - OP (One Press), OPB (One Press w Bass). I figured out that you can launch some of them by using the double tap. It took deleting a few before I figured this out in the BB Manager. I do have a foot switch to help. My question is how do I stop those that start using the Outro trigger? The only way I can figure it out is to choose a different song or power cycle it.

Also would appreciate any additional tips with these type of song files.

Thnx guys