Song Transfer Bug

My AEROS (updated to the latest beta firmware) hangs when transferring songs to the SD card. I have tried using three different cards and it’s the same behavior so I don’t think they are faulty cards. These cards have also been formatted and I’ve also tried transferring songs with the latest aeros.bin file to see if the startup might have anything to do with it. No luck as I am getting the same behavior. Once I switch from the AEROS icon to the SD, the screen goes to the AEROS startup logo and then gets stuck there. Hoping to hear from you guys soon!

UPDATE - this just doesn’t happen when transferring songs. Whenever I manage songs (with our without an SD card) try and delete or listen to old ones, this keeps on happening. Whenever I am in the SONGS section. So far has not happened yet while in a song. Help please!

UPDATE - recently downloaded the latest firmware version. This still happens whenever I spend a considerable amount of time managing songs


Are you trying to load song files into the Aeros? If so, the Aeros does not support this currently. We hope to work on an import function soon, but it will not be for some time most likely, as we have other major things to implement before this.

This is not technically a bug, but a lack of the needed functionality in current software, for this reason I will tag this as ‘not a bug’.

Thank you for your feedback, hopefully we will have an import feature to tout soon!

Hi Brennan, no I’m not importing songs. Just my regular saved loops. It seems to happen when I have too many songs saved (with or without an SD card)

I see, sorry I misunderstood your post, you should email at your earliest convenience for assistance here. I will notify them about your case so they are aware of the situation!

No need to apologize Brennan. I appreciate all the support that you guys provide in the forum amidst all the Karens in there lol. Anyway someone from the support team’s already gotten in touch with me and is awaiting videos. I just can’t seem to replicate the issue lately.

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