Song user download file will not play on my pedal

**When I download a user song file (sng… ) I open BBmanager, and I import the file into BBmanager. Then I take the next step and Synchronize the file. After that is done, I check to see if the file will play in BBmanager and it does. When I go to play it on my BB pedal the file is there, but when I click on it there is no sound. However, I should add that some user downloaded sng files I have downloaded do play, but some don’t. Go figure. **
What am I doing wrong? Is it me or the sng file?

some of the OPB files are set to play fully when you double tap . they are completely in the “ending” section.

Hi…thanks for responding. I doubled tapped and nothing. And so I enabled the Intro on the main pedal, and it played the intro. When I disable the intro there is no sound at all. Seems as if there is no main part. I am not a drummer, and so I can’t tell if there is something missing in the beat created by the person I downloaded the song from. But if it plays the Intro when I enabled it in the main pedal and does not play the main section, either I am doing something wrong or the file is wrong. That’s the file below.
Into the mystic opb 2018-01-10 - into the mystic opb

Also some of the OPB songs made by members here play entirely in the intro. It depends on who created the song file. In most cases the creator of the file will post instructions along with the file but not always.

I went through my songs and found three different versions of that song. Two had the complete song in the intro. one with bass and one with stax o sax that had the horns as well. Then there was one that the entire song was in the outro which required the double click to initialize playback. INTO_THE_MYSTIC.sng (13.9 KB)
Into_the_Mystic_STAXoSAX.sng (72.4 KB)

I should mention that OPB stands for one push bass. In other words , one push plays the entire song from start to finish. B means that there is a special drum kit that was also created by some user here that puts bass guitar notes in some of the unused slots available in the kit. the file sends note on and off to those MIDI notes in time with the drums. The result being that you have drums and bass to back you up. the only drawback is that you need to be well rehersed because it won’t stop and wait on you to catch up and you can only play the arrangement as written, no changing on the fly.

Thank you so much. You just cleared it up for me. I get it now…

Are you now able to hear the song on your pedal?

If not, there might be one other issue to take a look at and that’s whether or not you have the drum set that this song calls for—SuperBassG. If in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) you see an asterisk before the Default Drum Set:, download, import and activate that kit.

Here’s a link to the NP SuperBassG kit (it contains 2 kits so don’t let the file name bother you):

You mention that there are other some songs that you can’t hear on the pedal and this also might explain what you are experiencing. Just verify in the BBM that you have the drum set available and active that the song calls for.

Actually, I can hear it on my pedal as long as I enable the Intro on my beat buddy. But to do that I have to enable the intro on my beat buddy, which then enables the intro globally.

Thank you for the link. I will try the kit.

If you don’t want to enable the intro, you could import the song into BBM and move the entire song from the intro to the outro. then to play it you would need to double click to start it.