Song vs. setlist focus in BBM

I think the BBM songbuilding and setlist screen is too busy, invites missing definitions for patterns etc. It might be good to consider that when a song is being defined it is the only thing that needs to be in the current window. That would create space for more definition options like pattern based tempos, volumes, drum part volume levels, a song play mode for practing/auditioning the entire song in a sequence without pedal and generally not be a single view that tries to also define all other song parts in that folder. Along the same line it would be good to use .sng creation automatically as the song is saved so that the .sng files can be automatically archived, moved around, linked to in playlists vs. repetitive definitions in BBM and automatically archived as .sng to pull into other projects.

I got your point, @Norbert.
So you want

  • better song editor (less clutter on the screen)
  • song symbolic links (so you can have 1 original linked at, say, 5 different folders. Changing song in one folder automatically changes it in all other folders as well).

The former feature is pretty possible when a MIDI editor is ready in the BBManager.
The latter was requested several times and is on the TODO list.

Still no ETA, but I may be able to share some insights later this month.

Yep, Ideally a redesigned song editor would have room to include places to set parameters for a midi automation track saved with the .sng so that tempo/volume can be automated during parts of the song playback, would require BB being able to accept midi tempo/volume and other controls so hoping that end will also develop. I can see the need for a midi editor that would be nice for noobs without a DAW but do think of it a a separate (lowest) level in the process and should also be a separate window that allows drag/drop to song parts ala EZDrummer2 which is really the thing I think to try to match. Like we discussed before having BBM use the BB as audio interface or having BeatBuddy available as an AU plugin like EZDrummer2 with drag and drop songbuilding would be the ultimate. Seriously if SS could partner with ToonTrack about a .sng export from EZDrummer2 BB and create Beat Buddy EZX expansion kits in EZDrummer2…