Song will play on BBM but not on pedal

So, I’ve downloaded several beats, for example, “Do It Again” by Steely Dan. It plays and sounds great on BBM but it will not play on my pedal, it will count in, but that’s it. I have a couple of other songs like that - any idea what might be happening?

[]make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the kits that the songs use; also make sure that the kit is active by checking the box for that kit in the Project Explorer Drum Sets tab
]for Do it Again, if you don’t own the premium kit, you can try the OPB (v2) with NP StdPBass 63-91—it should get you close but it will sound better with the premium Standard Pro and NP Standard Pro Bass kits
[]in the BeatBuddy Manager, make sure that you’ve selected a kit in the song—not at the center top of the Playback pane—don’t leave the kit as None in the Default Drum set dropdown [ATTACH]9158[/ATTACH]
]make sure your pedal setting is correct: Default Drumset > Enabled
[*]if the kit is stereo (bass in one channel and drums in the other), you will need to use patch cables to both L & R outputs