Song with 3 parts: Verse, Bridge, Chorus


Ok I’ve been using the Aeros and bb in 2 part mode i.e. verse and chorus, using bb to transition between the parts

I now have a song with 3 parts i.e. verse, bridge, chorus

How do I do that?


M :slight_smile:

6x6 mode

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Ok thanks, is there an option in that to make it 3x2 i.e. 3 parts and 2 tracks so it will sequentially go through the parts and automatically go back to the start at the end of the 3rd part?

6x6 will use as many parts as you create … and it always gives you an option to record a new track/part. It’s a bit more manual in the advance to next part is a two step process.

Hoping SS provides a way to make 6x6 a bit simpler to use.


Ok thanks I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

This never answered her question. Can she get the parts to automatically play when the previous is finished? Or do you have to always click select part and then next track?