Song won’t load size error

Hi When trying to load “into the great wide open” either with our without guitar, I get this error and the song doesn’t load.

Can’t find a way to upload a photo argghh.

It says that some of the file wasn’t parsed and was larger than expected. I tried rebooting with no luck.

This happened while I was reloading everything after my song list stopped at “cymbals” and lost all the user songs. All from the computer.

Don’t try to upload a photo. Instead use a screen shot which is smaller.
Save screen shot to desktop
Click the icon in post toolbar (see attached)
Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 7.33.30 AM
Or if it’s easier, position the cursor in your post and drag the screen shot file from your desktop to the post

This may have been an error on @Bootsy 's part. I’ve tagging him so he can address it. There is also another version of the song on the forum that should work for you.

Not quite sure I understand this issue. Are you saying you no longer have any songs displaying in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)? If so, did you use a period (.) in one of the song names? If so, that could be a possible cause as this is what usually happens when you use a period in the song title. If this is the case, DO NOT EXPORT or sync your project from the BBM to your SD card as we can use the project from your SD card to recover your project. Let us know.

I didn’t have any songs listed in BBM after the one called Cymbals. Checked for periods and didn’t see any.

I started from scratch and reloaded the premium content from the original file. That worked then I reloaded all the user generated songs I had loaded - I’m back where I was.

I hadn’t updated the SD card with any of the new content (mistake) so I couldn’t recover from that. I will sync to the SD card from now on any time I add something.

And… I looked further down the thread where I found the fixed version of song. Thanks

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Into_the_Great_Wide_Open.sng (15.1 KB)

I no longer have the guitar one. @Acousticmood

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Both songs are available and working in post 2/4 in Bootsy’s original thread: Into the Great Wide Open - OPB - #2 by SeaJay

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