Songbook Chordpro (linksoft) - is it possible to start beatbuddy on scroll start?

I have songbook by Linkesoft and using the built in midi commands to setup the beatbuddy:

# BeatBuddy: Oldie 5- Bum cha ka more
#        Song Select      Folder 16,    song 4     tempo MSB temp LSB   volume 87
{midi: STOP CC0.0@2 CC32.15@2   PC3@2   CC106.0@2 CC107.85@2 CC108.87@2}

As soon as I load the song, the midi sequence is sent to BB and I can see it sets up correctly.
All I need to do now is start the BB and also start the auto scroll.

What I’d like is to have the beat buddy start when I press the play button in songbook and start auto-scrolling the song.
And then when it gets to the end, stop.
Is that even possible?

Ideally this would work with the pageTurner.
I could start the auto-scroll with the pageTurner, which in turn would start the beat buddy.

If the songbook has a forum then you’ll get better answers there. All I can say is just assign the BB MIDI command for “start BB” to trigger when you start scrolling :relieved:

Or if that’s not possible then perhaps the songbook has some “smart button” feature where you can trigger both “start BB” and “start scrolling” at the same time :thinking:

On BB side this can be done using the MIDI command for the main pedal. Send it once and it starts, twice and it stops :yum: I don’t remember but there could be also direct MIDI command to start BB :thinking: It’s in the manual, if it exists :smile:

And same for “end scrolling”. And you might be able to link these midi commands to your page turner, either with the songbook or with some other software.

Personally I use Midi Maestro to trigger both page turn and the main pedal in occasion where both are needed, but I use MobileSheets app :blush:

Thanks for tip @aapo !
I went to the Songbook Linkesoft Forum on fb and asked the same question.

The answer is super simple. Use the BeatBuddy to start the scrolling on the tablet.
in Songbook Settings under Midi Support, set scroll down to be START

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Ah, that’s the obvious answer! I didn’t think you have both the input and the output of BB going to the tablet :sweat_smile:

For me my MM has both input and output to tablet via Bluetooth by default :relieved: