SongBook Chordpro - Song Select & Tempo Select

This is for anyone that might be using the program SongBook Chordpro by LinkeSoft. I know a lot of people us OnSong (and it’s a great app), but for those if you that prefer SongBook Chorpro… this is for you.

Song Select for: Folder 2, song 5
{midi: PC0.1:4}

Song Select and Tempo Select: tempo of 85 bpm
{midi: PC0.1:4, CC106:0, CC107:85}
*In order to get the tempo to change the song you have to go into the Beat Buddy menu and disable the use default tempo option, otherwise it just keeps the original tempo of the song.

It took me FOREVER to figure this out. I hope this helps someone, and saves you time.


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Hi Jace,
I recently purchased Beat Buddy and would like to use SongBook ChordPro to auto select the song on BB when open the song on ChordPro. Do I need to insert midi command i.e. {midi: PC0.1:4} anywere in the song text or in the beginning or at the end of the song text?
Can you tell how you pair BB with ChordPro?

Thank you.