Songs and Kits problem

Coming back to the BB system after a long break, and thought I’d give the songs with bass method a try. So far the first three songs I am trying to demo all list kits that are apparently not available. Might it be a suggestion for song posters to also include a (live) link to the drumsets used, or perhaps ensure the kits are in the Drum Kits section?

It is not a criticism, just an observation. It gets a little annoying (although nothing major, as the work of folks is appreciated) to download a song to try, and then discover the kit cannot be found.

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Appreciate the feedback and I can only speak for myself but I’m using the kits with an NP less often. As I update the songs that I’ve previously posted, I’m moving away from those kits because the newer (non-NP named) user-created kits sound better and are easier to work with. I now tend to use a smaller range of kits and they consist of SUB-Standard Pro Plain, SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31, Rock_V2_Bass_2_31 and the STAX kits. There are some exceptions when I need specific instruments such as the synth, organ or brass.

There’s nothing that requires that a user use the kits the songs were transcribed with and most—but not all—of the time, other kits (that are hopefully still available) can be successfully substituted.

If users are like me, they download the kit and either don’t think to or bother to save the forum link to the kit. It would involve just as much time for OPs to find that link again when we could be working up and posting more new songs.

Also because I needed the storage space in my Dropbox :wink: so I removed many of the older kits that I was hosting from my Dropbox account—sorry.

Eventually I will have updated all of my songs and it will probably be just in time when either an updated BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or even newer and better kits are available. :rofl:

Thanks for that. And for the most part I agree…it’s just some songs with the bass, the bass notes are pitched in a different octave, and/or even to just find the kit with, say, SUB-Standard Pro plain with the bass samples, is difficult.

No probs re the db thing, I keep getting pestered every day to upgrade to pro haha! Still resisting though. It usually ends up me “umming and ahhing” over which file to delete to load up the new one :wink: