Songs in French OPB

Salut, y a t-il des abonnés qui ont des chansons d’artistes francophones (Français, Québécois ou autres) en “onepress with bass” ? Merci !

Luc (Montréal, Québec)

EDIT: Hi, are there any subscribers who have songs by French-speaking artists (French, Quebecers or others) in “onepress with bass”? Thank you !

Bonjour Luc,

T’en-as tu trouvé? Moi aussi j’en cherche! Merci de partager si tu les trouves, je ferai pareil!

EDIT: Did you find any? I’m looking for it too! Thanks for sharing if you find them, I’ll do the same!

Please post in English so that all users may understand what you are asking for. Thanks

My sincerest apologies.

I responded to a posting from a fellow Canadian out of Montreal, French is our second official language in Canada who is looking for any sng files for music from his home province. I too am interested.

Thank you.