"Songs" On BeatBuddy Program Download..."Country"..."Blues"...etc

I’m new at BeatBuddy (I have a Mac Pro) and would like to know how to import the stock “Songs” (Country…Blues…Latin…etc) in the Firmware on the BeatBuddy pedal SN card. I would like to assign some of their attributes (Country…Blues…etc) to some of my own song creations I build in BeatBuddy Manager.
Thanks for the help!


You should do it the opposite way (it’s much easier and faster). Create a project with the default content from your SD card, and then import you purchases into the same project you just created.

Please see our tutorial on all the basics of using the BBManager. It shows you how to create a project from your SD card. Also, keep in mind that since you are using a Mac, you will need to insert the SD card directly in the computer (and not by inserting it in the BeatBuddy and connecting that via USB).

Here’s a link to the tutorial: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/tutorial-for-bbmanager-version-1-5-0.4301/