Songs on SD Card but NOT in Beatbuddy Manager

There is a folder of songs that I created on the SD card but they no longer appear in the beatbuddy manager. I created the songs in the manager from existing beats and they were there for a while but suddenly today the folder is there but the songs aren’t in the folder anymore. Yet when I insert the card into the pedal the songs are still there in that folder.

I have tried importing the songs from the pedal to the Manager and it says that I’ve done it but the songs still do not appear in the folder. Any ideas? Thanks!

Use Import-Export > Import Project from Pedal (and point to the SD card) to load SD card content back to the BBManager.

I did this. The folder still appears but it is empty and now the folder is empty on the BeatBuddy as well when I try to access my songs. I can see the folder but the songs aren’t there.

Well, looks like you exported the project instead.

Import is copying data this way: SD Card —> BBManager
Export is the opposite way: SD Card <— BBManager

So if something is missing on the SD Card, but is in BBManager, you need export.
If (like your case was), something is missing in the BBManager, but is on the SD Card, you need import.

If you have accidentally lost the default content, you can download the SD Card Backup archive from the downloads page, unpack it to the SD Card, and import it to BBManager to fix it.

I did intend import it but it disappeared anyways. Maybe it was a glitch. More likely my mouse slipped and I exported. I didn’t lose any of the default content just the folder of songs I created. I lost a lot of work and I’m taking extra precautions this time around, which I should have done before. It’s my fault for not backing up the folder elsewhere in addition to the card and computer.

I’m backing up the my new song folders by exporting the folder to my desktop, in addition to the default location on my computer.

Yes, loosing work sucks. I have also learned it the hard way :slight_smile: Backing up everything is our only friend in this cruel world.
Next BBManager version will come with the undo/redo feature that may help simplify the overall process, yet it still wouldn’t have helped in this exact situation.

I have personal plans to get rid of BBManager entirely (or, at least, make it completely optional) to manage BeatBuddy content, but it is a pretty long term goal.

Oh xxxx… the same happened to me. But out of nothing. All my self created songs are gone - I could cry right now :slight_smile:
But I think the songs folder is still there with all my songs in the “Bbs” format - can I somehow import those files to my beatbuddy.

Yes i made backups. But both on my harddrive and on the sd card - the songs are gone :frowning:
Could it be that the config file (excel file) is corrupted?

You probably have some choices (messing with the .bbs file or Excel files is not one of them, sorry)

  • If your songs are still on your pedal, you can recover them by following steps 1 thru 5.
  • If your songs are no longer on your pedal you can go to the latest backup (which may or not have all the latest versions of your songs)
  • Or the most drastic (but also the safest, which is to assume that your BBM files and or SD card are corrupt and which would be to follow 2 thru 6.

Are the songs still on the pedal, follow 1 thru 5:

  1. Use the BBM, File > Open Project (from your SD card) and you should see the prompt
    [ATTACH]5384[/ATTACH] select Yes to back up copy to your hard drive. Immediately backup this newly saved project folder, zip it and take it out of your BBworkspace (put it on your desktop)
  2. Backup your bbworkspace (zip it); uninstall the BBM; install latest official release of the BBM for your OS;
  • Open BBM;
  • use BBM Tools > Set Workspace Location to your Documents folder;
  • open the project you just saved to your hard drive desktop (you may have to unzip it first) and save the project (to your new bbworkspace) SKIP THIS STEP IF SONGS WERE NOT ON YOUR SD CARD.
  1. If you’ve successfully backed up your project and songs to your hard drive, recommend you format your SD card (32-BIT DOS) and if you have Windows 10, use WinFlashTool to do so.
  2. Install firmware 1.8.5 and try it out on your pedal. If it updated the firmware, your next step is to,
  3. Download and install latest Default BeatBuddy Content Update (Download updated SD Card backup[/URL]) from [url]; use BBM to open project on your SD card and at the prompt save to your bbworkspace folder

If your SD card didn’t have your songs, skip step 1 and follow 2 through 5.

Good luck.

Hi! I have managed to restore most of my songs from my old Cubase and Midi Files. The ones I am still missing are gone at the moment. So I´m good for the next gig :slight_smile:

But I will try your advice right away when I find the time! I think this is a really great post if someone esle is having the same issue! Thank you very much! Jot