songs one by one

This isn’t a new thread, but I would like to ask again. Why we can’t bye songs one by one from the packages, while often we don’t need all of the songs. The beatbuddy song shop, or something like that has very limited
opportunities but it can be a nice idea to purchase songs separately for instance for 1.40. If I bye the whole pack for 5-7-10, and I I could buy ten songs from different packages for 14, it worth for company and for me too.
Beatbuddy fan later on.

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honestly, the prices for these are very cheap. try going to musicnotes to buy the sheet music for these songs, those are generally 5.99 apiece and they won’t play on your beat buddy! LOL… think of it as buying one song for $5 or $10 bucks and the rest you get thrown in for free. If you’ve ever tried to program these things yourself it’s fairly time consuming. I’m actually surprised these are sold for as cheap as they are. And then there’s all the free stuff on this community forum! So pony up the peanuts they are asking and enjoy yourself jamming away to some flippin amazing technology. you wont miss the $10 a year from now!!


I noticed your old reply just now. Yes, your argument is clear. You’re right. :slight_smile: