Songs Per Folder

As I understand it I will be able to create a folder that has my set name. How many songs can go in that folder? I don’t want to be bending down during performance to change folders.

As far as I could test, there is no reasonable limit to the number of songs that can go into a folder.

Great. I don’t want to be bending down changing folders during performance.

and seeing how you can’t change folders with the foot pedals…you probably don’t want folders when gigging.

This presented default behavior that BeatBuddy has now can easily be changed as a result of community discussions like the one we’re having here. If any suggestion (like adding a footswitch-assignable function for changing current directory) will be seen as really convenient by enough people, it will most likely get added in the future.

You ask why I might need all my songs in one folder (or maybe no folders)??? If we can get MIDI selection of a song within the BeatBuddy, then… Just pick Blue Suede Shoes from my iPad digital song book ap (Onsong) and it will send a MIDI string that can select the correct song (saved with correct tempo) in the beat buddy. Then I won’t even need the 2 switch pedal. The MIDI song select will need to somehow deal with folders.

If MIDI to BeatBuddy could also set tempo, then I could select Blues 2 on 50 different songs that use this same beat, but MIDI string different tempos.


That sounds pretty cool, I use Onsong as well, but have never seen the need to buy the Midi add in. If you get this working one day, you will have to explain to me how it works.

I’m stopped at 99 songs in one folder in BB manager. Has anybody else seen this folder limit. I cannot create or import song #100 , however I can import or create into other folders on the same card that have less than 99 songs. It’s not big deal, I just want to know that it’s a limit thing and not a potential problem. It seems likely a limit since it stops at 99.

Yes I cannot put all my songs alphabetically in one folder.

99 songs per folder is indeed a hard limit as of currently.

Don’t we mean 99 SNGs per folder?

SNG is not a valid term for this, as it is a file extension for when a song is exported from BBManager.
The correct term would be BBS, as it is a file extension for real BeatBuddy songs in internal format.

So, the limit is 99 BBS per folder. You can put as many SNG files, but they won’t be read by the pedal, and when you import SNG, it becomes the BBS.

Hope this helps clarify something :slight_smile:

Yea, I too was trying to create a master list, but no matter, it’s not a big issue. Two folders will work. I’m still creating sets, but thought I would have a master list in one place. No biggie. Thanks.

If you export every last song into a folder on your PC (alphabetical list) you can import multiple songs at once to create a set in less than minute.