Songs sometims load random drum sets

This is a weird one: Every once in a while a song with a designated drum set (in most, if not all cases the Standard set) will load the Brushes set. It seems completely random, and it’s always the Brushes. The only thing I can think of that is consistent is that it SEEMS to happen (completely randomly) after I advance a couple of songs rather than just going to the next one. But that could be an optical illusion.

At any rate, the song will say Standard in he window, but play Brushes anyway. And Brushes are not always the kit that was loaded for the previous song.

Any ideas? Has anyone seen this one before?


Is this still happening? I haven’t heard of this happening before. I can tell you that I believe that I recently detected one bug with CC-116 sending from OnSong (unconfirmed, I still need to test further with other apps, not just OnSong) where it may not necessarily load the correct drumset. Are you sending the CC-116 command when this happens? If so, from what app? If not, are there any predictable cases where the drumset selected behaves in the way you described?

I just setup MIDI presets for the drumkits within Bandhelper app and they all load ok
BUT like most of the other midi selections where 0 is the first item, 1 the second etc. That was not the case for the drum sets…sending 0 doesn’t seem to do anything, 1 selects the first drum kit, 2 the second etc. Could this be related?

I’m on firmware 1.85

I’m not using anything other than the Beat Buddy pedals (o outside MIDI influences). It seems to be less of an issue when I take my time stepping between songs.