Songs transfer


I downloaded songs on Beats forum but, how to transfer on BBPedal or SDCard?

  1. Open BeatBuddy manager
  2. Click on “Import-Export”
  3. select “Import Song”
  4. Find song (which is dependant on where you save it)
  5. Select it and choose “Open”

NOTE: Before importing, select the folder in the software where you want to import the song to other wise it will end up in the first folder which is probably “Blues”.

Ok, thank you. :smiley:

Because, I created a special folder for the song beat.
I must to incorporate the news song in the original folders.

I followed Psalm40 tutorial on Song Transfer.
All went fine as far as the Import / Export procedures go.
But when I attempted to export the song to the pedal that’s when I received the following message.

“There is at least one invalid song in the project. Make sure all Song parts contain a main drum loop”
Would you be able to explain where I went wrong. It would be appreciated.
And one last question
Once It has been Exported / Imported into my Set List Folder can I actually change the name to the actual song name?

Watch my 2nd video which will answer most of your questions.

The topic below deals with the error you are seeing.