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I have question Guitar Stu shared an excellent version of The Stones Gimmie Shelter. It resolves in the key of A. I need it to resolve in G. How do you do you extract the BB files and change the bass key .

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I have done this many times with our awesome authors’ songs who are posting the songs with bass and drums. On a mac I use a program called Aria Maestosa- it is free. I export the midi file out of beat buddy. I import it into this app. Then there are 2 distinct rows you will see made up of midi marks. In this app the bottom row is bass. Simply highlight all the notes in just the bottom row and move it up or down 1 click per key. When you do this you will see all of the bass notes move up or down. (Note you will not hear the bass you will hear all kinds of drum noises with each click- do not let that worry you). Next export the file out to midi and then in MBB import the new exported midi file to sample/listen to your key change. I sometimes have to play with mine for a few tries on moving up or down but I eventually get it. This has changed my life by allowing me to sing songs that I could have never sung. I also use the onsong app on IPAD to import the chords and lyrics first and to play with changing the key up/down ahead of time so I can best match the song to my voice. Then I change the key by using the process above. Not sure what app you would use for PC but for the mac this works fine. I have also used garageband to chop some of their songs with bass up so they would play more nicely for my style of foot pushes in MBB. Lastly, I have tried to learn how to add bass via reaper per the awesome tutorials but that just appears to be out of my league. So I am at the mercy of our awesome authors to post their bass/drum songs and I check the site daily for their works. Hope this helps.

You can extract the midi files by right click on the part when in beatbuddy manager. Make sure you have the latest version.
For Transposing keys here is a bit of a tutorial

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I have just changed key in the songs I use . Great tutorial Thanks guys!!


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I use Presonus Studio One for recording. I was able to drag the midi file in the in to a track edit and save it as a .mid file. Super easy Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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