Songs with Hits Only

I have an odd occasion where the band plays without any percussion, so no BeatBuddy. But it would be nice to load one or more hits into a song to add certain features. In this particular case I’m adding a one shot bass drum & cymbal. Because of the type of song, it doesn’t make sense to sing along to a simple Hi Hat. It warrants no percussion. But the instrumental bridge has a bass drum & cymbal. Just single shots.

I’ve got a nice bass drum and cymbal sample to load into the HIT slot. But for the song to work in BeatBuddy the song must have a main loop.

I’ve read elsewhere that people have solved certain problems using a silent midi file but I’ve no idea how to set the instrument to zero in a midi file (on a mac).

Or perhaps people have solved this other ways?

Appreciate any help.

although I have never done this but it seem that in your midi editor you could add midi notes/events and turn the volume on those event to zero. I can not tell you in detail how to do that. it all Depends on what you use as a midi editor

You need a main loop, but no one says you have to hit start :slight_smile: I included a simple 4 count foot hat that I use for the one-press songs. You could use that as your main.

Thanks guys.

I did try the zero volume on a single kick loop. But the BBManager didn’t like the file. I assumed it was because it had no volume in it. I also tried a midi file with no beats in it at all. BBManager didn’t like that either. Perhaps it was something to do with the midi editor I was using, perhaps it changed something else in the midi file, something that caused the BBManger to spit at loading the file.

I also tried the benign main loop way, and no start. But no joy. I think the problem was that I was testing it on the virtual pedal in BBManager and not the real pedal. In the BBManager (virtual pedal) I couldn’t get the footswitch to fire unless the main loop had been started.

I’ll go back and try both these things on the actual pedal. (and I’ll used a different midi editor).

Our lead guitar player does not like most of the intros on the BB so he hits the song to start and then hits the left button of the footswitch and starts that on time with a first beat note. Works for us very well.

Thanks Jim.