Songs with two different tempos?

Is there a way to build a song that has two different tempos? Santana loves this technique and I play a lot of his songs. I’d love to be faithful to them using BeatBuddy. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, current firmware doesn’t allow for tempo changes :frowning:
Though you can try emulating that via time signature change. It will only work if previous rhythm is in some strong correlation to the new one. It won’t work for arbitrary tempo changes.
E.g. if you have 90 bpm 4/4 rhythm, and you need 60 bpm one, you can try change time signature to 6/4 with that same 90 bpm instead.

Thanks! I have it now- just needed to double up on the bass drum in the end- works just fine!

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Hello! We love you too! :slight_smile:

Tempo Change within a song.
When changing tempo on the BB all tempos should change accordingly.
Here all are set to 100 but should be able to set to whatever you like.


whao, i really love this forum, everything is straight forward, i use some cent to learn how to use beatbuddy in my country. but now i can see so many things i haven’t learn here, thanks and my first time here.

WOW, It would be a great feature to be implemented in the next BB Manager update…

I definitely like this idea. I added it to our list of ideas for upcoming versions of the BBManager. The full BB team is now aware of this idea. :slight_smile:

In my midi editor I have a tool that allows you to slow down or space out the selected events off tick. it will obviously not line up with the counts within the measure but it is an option for now. I have not tried it yet.

Idea is good, but there must a global tempo setting for the song, or a way to disable individual tempos. Don’t want to have to change the tempo in every loop/fill/transit whenever you want to change the song tempo.

But the illustration is great, and the idea of putting selection choices in each loop/fill if can be done would open up many possibilties.

I would like a selector in each main drum loop to choose whether that loop would be repeated when it the song comes around again, allowing you to skip that part when the song repeats after the transiting from the last part. A non-repeat selection for each loop.

I’m a bit confused by this…

A non-repeating selection for a main song part? In order to only the bridge once, for example?

Hi David, greetings from Singapore!
Yes, a main song part that will only play once in the entire song, no matter how many times the song U-turns back to the beginning of the song.
This can be something in BBMgr, where you can tick the particular part that you don’t want repeated.
This would be useful for the bridge. It is also useful for the first verse of a song, if you want a quiet beginning, but not repeating it again.

It’s a good idea @In1voice – we will look into adding this to the BBMgr.

I’ve once suggested a feature where an Intro that can loop like a main part. However, with the non-repeating part feature, there’s no need for an Intro to be loopable. The first verse can act as the intro which can play as long as you want, and made not to repeat during the song.

Correct. Once we have that 500 note limit removed (soon), there will be a lot more we can do with the BeatBuddy. :slight_smile:

There is a function that Arranger Keyboards have used for years where you can trigger the system to cut down the bpm by a certain percent. So if the song is at 120 bpm then you can auto slow the song down to say 85 bpm with the press of a button. Not exactly the same as what is being requested, but since in both cases we are dealing with computer code to create the end results I thought I would throw that out there in case someone might want to look into that function. Just a suggestion.

yes i was wanting to play zztop Have Mercy/ Jesus Left Chicago with two different beats!!! thanks Guys!!