Sooo, now I have the Maestro...footswitch for sale?

I now have available for sale the BeatBuddy Factory Double Footswitch, with a long stereo cable I made (as well as the original short one) to allow BB to be at keyboard height. I also fitted “soft close” switches (premium brand) so it is quiet as!

I am in Oz so an allowance needs to be made for postage, although for the right price I’ll include post.


Before you unload it, realize that the footswitch will trigger the programmed accent for a song, whereas the MM triggers midi notes that are not necessarily the programmed accent. This might be an issue if the song has some sort of special effect wav written into the accent. I use both an MM and the footswitch.

hmmm, ok - I’ll research that a bit further then for what I need. Thanks Phil

They might have made a cc to trigger the programmed accent. I don’t know. But the way it was released, there was a screen for accent hits that just triggered whatever was in the active drum kit. Just an FYI, before you make your decision. I know this gear isn’t exactly cheap or easy to come by down your way. Fortunately, if you do let the switch go, and then decide you need one, there are alternatives, like the Boss FS-6.

ahh cool, yes I had forgotten that one. I think I have one in a draw somewhere haha!

I would highly suggest keeping your footswitch! It works with both the BB and MM and makes the configurations that are capable of far more complexity. MM also can use footswitch to turn pages which can be useful in certain cases.

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What are you looking for it? I am in SE Queensland.

How do you program the MM to use the footswitch?

That’s the CC110. It triggers whatever accent active, and it’s played from the EFFECTS folder of the SD Card.


  • The CC110 does not respond to Velocity, as opossed to what the manual says. Only 127 (max volume) and 0 (mute) actually works. Any intermediate value sounds the same than 127.
  • There is no assigned CC to choose accents from that folder. A CC with 128 values to choose would be awesome.

I asked that question in the BeatBuddy’s Bugs section of but to date no one has answered me:
CC110 (Accent-Hit) - Not responding to volume - #2 by Ed_Saxman

Ian, after the suggestions above, I might just hang on to it a while, sorry

Ok no worries.

MM can’t program footswitch, that may be an interesting thing to look into however, whether it can act as additional buttons that retain functions per custom mode (always work the same in default modes).
Right now MM can only use footswitch to turn pages on MM.

would a fs 7 boss switch do?

Hey, going to bring this straight from the manual to be very precise:

It is highly recommended that you use the official Singular Sound Footswitch+ (sold separately), since we designed our Footswitch+ to withstand the heavy use of a BeatBuddy performance. If you are not using a Footswitch+, make sure that the third party footswitch is compatible with the BeatBuddy, and that the BeatBuddy is configured to the type of footswitch you are using. The BeatBuddy is compatible with standard momentary or latching dual footswitches which have a single TRS (Stereo) ¼” output (one switch is connected to the Left channel and the other to the Right). It is NOT compatible with ABY switches.

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yeah to use the 7s boss switch i need a stereo cable