Sorry - Justin Bieber

Hi all

I may get a hard time about this request but has anyone got a drums only beat for Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”?

Everyone loves this song in our dance set.


Tough to find a midi source file for this song. Good luck.

Is the midi source file only relevant for “with bass” or does the same problem exist for drum only tracks? Excuse my ignorance but I haven’t delved into the midi functionality of BB yet!

Nah, the midi source file is relevant for transcribing a song with either drums or drums with bass. If I could find a source midi file, I would transcribe it for you as a one-press (without bass) song. There are commercial web sites that will only be too happy to sell you a midi source file that they’ve sequenced. Kind of silly to pay if someone on this forum has already gone to all of the trouble for you. Hopefully someone will chime in.

The other options are that someone in the forum sequences the song for you (which means it closely matches the score, vocal, and all instruments); or someone already has modified an existing beat to come close to what you’re looking for.

If you come up with the source file, you can PM me and I’ll transcribe it for you.

Uploaded Sorry at