Sort Song alphabetically in BBManager?

Sorry, lots of questions as I discover the capabilities and warts of my new BeatBuddy.

You can manually change the order of the songs in a folder, is there a way to sort them alphabetically? That would be useful for the folder I created for the community created beats that are identified by song name.

I haven’t checked but I think from playing around last night, songs are imported from the PC in alphabetical order, so maybe as a workaround I would need to put all the songs from that folder on the PC (maybe using the export function), delete them, then re-import them?

Definitely do any file/folder/song maintenance or actions thru the BeatBuddy Manager.

I sort my Songs and folders in BBmanager just by Click and hold and moved to where ever I want it.

I know this is very old topic, but I am facing the same problem in 2019…

I have a lot of (forum) songs in one folder, and I would like to sort them alphabetically without moving them manually one by one.

There still doesn’t appear to be an easy workaround for this.

I have used the method that the topic starter suggested. That works fine and is a good work around.

I posted a new topic in “Feature requests”: